One Stop – AKA Midlands – The Cupcake

I like The Cupcake. Since even before I lived in the area I have been having coffee there, and I even used to have the occasional beer until they upped the price a lot – now RM8.50 for a can. In the morning it’s nice to have a curry puff, and if I don’t feel like a coffee I’ll have a fresh juice – real juice.

1-2013-07-04 14.04.24s


But I am always trying to track down a good fish and chips, and to write blogs on my findings. Unfortunately, I didn’t particularly like the fish and chips here. The chips were OK.  The salad was fresh and nice. But the fish serving was small, and with a lot of batter.

2013-07-04 13.35.50s

Mrs Tropical Expat had the sausages and mash, and said the sausages appeared hand made, and were good. I tried the mash and enjoyed it.

So, go for the coffee, the fresh juice, and the curry puffs. And perhaps other dishes. Skip the fish.

The Cupcake / Satay Hut

Midlands Mall / One Stop

Burma Road, Pulau Tikus

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