Sabah Soujourn 2013 – Part 1 – Kota Kinabalu (KK), Signal Hill

It seems quite different in Sabah.  It is about the same latitude as Penang, but east, so the sun rises much earlier, and by 8PM I feel it is already 10.30PM. It seems there much cleaner – little litter – and with few motorbikes and better drivers the town seems more relaxed.

The centre is only about 15 minutes drive from the airport. The taxis charge RM30, which is rather a lot – it seems they have fixed this fare.  When you buy at the airport taxi coupon counter it is also RM30.

There is a great deal of information online anyway about Sabah, so I will just write a little from my perspective. Before arriving I didn’t think there was so much to do in KK itself, and we really just stayied there as a base for other activities. About all I did in KK itself was “climb” to the Signal Hill lookout.

There are resort hotels out of town, and if you want to play golf and hang around a pool, then it may be for you. But we wanted the city centre, and easy access to activities and facilities, so stayed in two different hotels near the waterfront.  But the first morning in KK I said at reception I wanted to go for a walk for some exercise   and asked how I could walk up Signal Hill.  “Catch a taxi”. Well, I found how to get there easily enough by myself.


This is a really easy walk, and you get a view, albeit not very lofty, of KK. I couldn’t really find street names – even on Google Maps.  So, on the map below, the big red arrow points to where you start the walk.

follow the big red arrow

follow the big red arrow

1-2013-07-08 06.43.03s

If you find this building you are almost at the starting point

1a-2013-07-08 07.05.59s

2013-07-08 06.41.36s

2013-07-08 06.42.08s

going up

2013-07-08 06.44.46s

2013-07-08 06.45.58s

going down again – early morning so not much light – hence the poor focussing

2013-07-08 06.46.37s

2013-07-08 06.47.09s

2013-07-08 06.47.44s

2013-07-08 06.49.04s

watch your step – there are sometimes gaps in the planks

2013-07-08 06.49.32s

Soon you reach the road, and then you turn left

2013-07-08 06.49.46s

on the road, at the top of the steps

2013-07-08 06.50.21s

the observation area in the distance

2013-07-08 06.51.05as

the observation area

2013-07-08 06.51.05s

2013-07-08 06.52.22s


2013-07-08 06.53.03s

2013-07-08 06.53.25s

2013-07-08 06.54.23s

2013-07-08 06.54.37s

2013-07-08 06.55.34s

the footpath continues up the road a little more

2013-07-08 06.56.05s

2013-07-08 06.57.28s

and then the footpath abruptly ends

2013-07-08 06.57.37s

so I headed back

2013-07-08 06.58.28s

Heading back to the observation area, and then back down the road to the path down to the town

I would suggest doing this walk before it gets hot – even though it is short and easy.

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