Sabah Soujourn 2013 – Part 4 – Kota Kinabalu (KK) – Little Italy restaurant

And as for eating in KK?

Every morning we had a big breakfast at the hotel.

After that we were busy with excursions, and only had two nights free to eat in KK. For one we were very hungry and ate in a nearby hawker centre before we starved.

For the other we wandered around. On the waterfront there are plenty of tourist establishments, with quite high prices.

20130707 (45)s

20130707 (44)s

20130707 (46)s

20130707 (47)s

A couple of blocks in the food is much cheaper.

Little Italy was recommended by a friend, and was full of patrons, with quite a queue outside.  As most waiting groups were larger, we two actually got a table after only a couple of minutes wait.

20130707 (58)s

The service was not particularly good – I gave up and went and fetched menus, for example, but they were rushed off their feet.

20130707 (60)s

20130707 (61)s

20130707 (62)s

The food was good though, and the house wine reasonably priced.

20130707 (64)s


20130707 (65)s


We had hoped to visit again before leaving KK, but we ran out of time.

20130707 (63)s


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