Sabah Soujourn 2013 – Part 8 – Sandakan walk

On the free map you can get at the airport tourist stand, or at hotels, a walk is shown. it’s a pleasant, easy walk.  But as it is the tropics, for me always the best time to go for a walk is first thing in the morning.  If you want to have tea at Agnes Keith house, then time your walk accordingly – not too early. These are photos taken during this walk.

20130710 (6)s

I started at the Sandakan Hotel

20130710 (8)s

There is actually a sign, here

20130710 (9)s

in MPS Square

20130710 (11)s

In MPS Square

20130710 (12)s

In MPS Square

20130710 (13)s

MPS Square

20130710 (14)s

20130710 (15)s

the stairs start opposite MPS Square

20130710 (16)s

it’s nice and shady

20130710 (17)s

no one around, either

20130710 (18)s

20130710 (19)s

the last few steps up

20130710 (20)s

looking back

20130710 (22)s

This sign is at the top of the steps. I didn’t count, so I don’t know if it is accurate, but it’s not a hard climb.

20130710 (25)s

walking towards the Japanese Cemetary – although I didn’t go that far

20130710 (28)s

The official residence of the Chief Minister of Sabah – after this I turned back

20130710 (32)s

not open yet

20130710 (34)s

20130710 (35)s

20130710 (36)s

20130710 (38)s

20130710 (39)s

nice view here

20130710 (44)s

the tallest building is the Sheraton

20130710 (47)s

Clock Tower, in the middle of the roudabout

20130710 (50)s

after the Sung Siew School I turned left, skipping the Ancient Graveyard found down the road on the right – on the right is a footpath, at the moment

20130710 (51)s

20130710 (53)s

house next to the temple

20130710 (55)s

20130710 (56)s

no footpath any more

20130710 (58)s

just before an ovehead bridge you turn right and follow this covered walkway

20130710 (59)s

housing for some people

20130710 (60)s

St Marys Cathedral – Catholic

20130710 (63)s

St. Francis

20130710 (65)s

St. Michael – Anglican

20130710 (67)s

They have time capsules in this rock

20130710 (68)s

St Michael

20130710 (72)s

back in MPS Square, having completed the walk


  1. Hi love your coverage of the town, nice photos! It is just a shame that you did not manage to view the magnificent stained glass windows at St Michael’s church as part of the heritage trail. Those stained glass windows were installed with funds raised by Australians to commemorate both the locals and the ANZAC who sacrificed during the WWII. The stained glass windows are a piece of arts in their own right, but if one could appreciate them together with the story behind them, it will surely adds another dimension to the whole experience.

    As such, On 15 Aug later this month, we will be holding a Sandakan Memorial Day Special Talk by Australian historian Lynette Silver to share with us her journey in getting the stained glass window projects successfully completed. You are most welcome to attend the talk if you are still around Sandakan!


    1. Dear Cheekim.

      Thanks for that information. I think I was at the church too early. I did, in fact, knock on the door, but received no answer. Usually I walk early in the morning as it gets too hot later. The time capsules at the front interested me. I do wonder what is in them.

      Now I am back in Penang, and no longer near Sandakan.

      Best wishes,


      1. Dear Ian,

        You are probably right about the time of your visit. I reckon there is always time for another visit? Anyway, hope you enjoy Sandakan and Sabah.

        Chee Kim

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