Rising medical costs in Malaysia?


One of the  important reasons for some for choosing Malaysia for their retirement is the relatively low cost of medical treatment.  The standard of training of the doctors and the faciilties are good. I prefer to stay away from hospital – there are all these sick people there – and doctors – ditto.

I have heard that it is cheaper to spend the money you would otherwise spend on health insurance on very good clean food, and then you will stay healthy, and not need the health insurance. All you need is accident insurance.

And I also know people who pay a lot for health insurance, so then make sure they use it to get value for money – meaning many visits to the doctor and/or hospital, and being prescribed many pharmaceuticals.  Another medicine is prescribed to deal with the side effects from one medicine, and then more medicines to deal with other side effects, and then the patient ends up taking six or seven pills several times a day.

If you happen to be a UK citizen – or British subject – or however you say it, then it can be cheaper just to return to the UK to use the NHS if you have any serious matters to deal with.  Theoretically you need to be a UK resident, which means being there six months, I believe. I know people who have returned for cancer treatment, hip replacement etc. The NHS can be good. It depends on where you live – or more exactly, where you are registered with the NHS. You register either near your home or near your work.

If you want medicines, here generic medicines can be very cheap. I bought some anti-histamines the other day.  10 tablets cost RM2.  In the UK I used sometimes to buy them for hayfever – probably at ten times the price.

The TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty talks going on at the moment could drastically increased the prices of many things in Malaysia, including medicines, but the government says they won’t let this happen.

So, if the medical infrastructure is important to you, you can quite easily decide for yourself. If it is a financial decision, you can find out quite easily what will work for you best – Malaysia, Thailand, India etc. or your home country.

Personally, I think you can live very healthily here in Malaysia – fruit, vegetables, sunshine, exercise, low stress, avoiding GM food is easy, avoiding MSG is much harder though.  And if you live healthily, then medical costs are not such a major factor.


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