Dragon-i, Gurney Plaza


2013-10-21 17.05.43s

Yesterday we had a meal in Dragon-i, Gurney Plaza.  It was a nice meal, as is usual there. But what I want to say, rather than review the meal and restaurant, is that the (Chinese) spring rolls were really nice.

For the past few years spring rolls have degenerated into tiny things with a crisp deep fried shell with nothing much at all inside.  They are possibly bought in bulk, frozen.  I haven’t enjoyed one for a long time. I live in hope, try one, and am just disappointed.

But the spring rolls at DI had substance, with a real filling inside, and were crisp, but not oily. I’ll go back for more, soon, now that I have found them.

170-G-66 & 170-G-K1, Plaza Gurney,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang.
tel : +604 227 1686
fax : +604 229 1686


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