Overnight train from Penang-Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur – November 2013 – booking

It has been over a year since I last caught a train in Malaysia. When I went to the KTM website – http://www.ktmb.com.my/ I noticed some changes.

There are now only two trains a day to KL, and two back. These are:

Penang-Butterworth to KL Sentral:

Ekspres Rakyat: Departure – 08:00 Arrival -14:00

Senandung Langkawi: Departure – 22:28 Arrival – 06:30

KL Sentral to Penang-Butterworth

Ekspres Rakyat: Departure – 15:50 Arrival – 22:00

Senandung Langkawi: Departure – 21:30 Arrival – 05:30

In my experience they usually arrive about an hour late.

If you wish to book you can click the link on their web page, or this copy:


Note that their website does not necessarily work, so you may have to try several times, or try again later.  Now you can book online up to four hours before departure time. Previously it was two days.  But if you want a sleeper you should book as early as you can, as they often sell out.

I see that there are changes to the first class sleeper compartment configurations. This is snappily named – ADNFB – Premier Night Standard Class. Previously there were two berths in the first class compartments, and a separate bathroom with toilet and shower.  Now it appears to only have a wash basin.  It is cheaper than the previous configuration, with the lower berth costing RM89 and the upper berth RM80. No food is now provided, which is no great loss.

First class sleeper

First class sleeper

There are also second class sleepers (labelled ADNS), and it appears these remain unchanged. If so, the whole carriage is lined on both sides of the aisle with upper and lower berths, with privacy provided by a light curtain. The lower berth costs RM46 and the upper berth RM40. More sociable as you can talk to previous passengers before you turn in.


second class sleeper

Otherwise you can sit up all night. The site is a bit confusing on the price of these seats.  Maybe RM34 for ASC and  maybe RM19 for AEC, but they look similar.


ASC second class seating

You can see more photos on my blog on the night train.

Well, that’s it. I am all booked.  After the journey I will write it up, and see if anything has changed from last year.

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