Malaysia has been cool, Berlin was unseasonably cold – UN warns of catastrophic warming

Malaysia has been quite cool for the past couple of months, and it has been pleasant. No apparent warming here whatsoever. But I was also in Berlin, where summer suddenly turned to winter and it was unseasonably very cold.  But still the global warming story steams on in the media.

We find that the  UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) has already been leaked. It is due to be officially released in March 2014.
As a result, suddenly I find that many of my favourite podcasters have been doing podcasts on the global warming fraud. Here is a summary of four podcasts, and direct links to download them. Apologies if I have transcribed anything inaccurately.
1. Mr Corbett delves into the latest IPCC report, and the podcast is too information dense for me to do a summary.  He mentions many of the scandals perpetrated by the global warmists, their escaping of criminal convictions due to statute of limitations, the inaccuracy of UN data, etc. For more details see this link: which gives also timings of the details in the podcast, and many links to follow up..
6:00 Three aims of the “Climate Change” agenda are stated:
  1. Political – control of the people
  2. Economic – tax carbon; remove private property rights
  3. Religious – the control of people’s conscience and the establishment of a global religion
A 1961 report to the US president suggested using the threat of catastrophic pollution to get people behind the government and it’s plan for more control over people.
In 1975 the Club of Rome suggested using threats of  pollution and global warming to control people
23:00 The IPCC definition of global warming is limited to that coming from human causes.  No other causes can be examined.  Human causation is then assumed, and policies are derived from this assumption. The policies are written first, and then the scientists are told to ensure their report matches.
30:00 There is no evidence at all in the various IPCC reports of global warming.
31:00 Since 1998 there has been no warming
37:00 Warnings from the IPCC reports:
  • 2001 report – 60% catastrophic global warming likelihood
  • 2007 report – 90% catastrophic global warming likelihood
  • 2013 report – 95% catastrophic global warming likelihood
  • No evidence for any of this – it is politically generated.
56:00 They are taking money and diverting attention and resources from real environmental challenges.
59:00 If we had the ability to control climate we would increase the temperature and carbon dioxide levels of the earth.
Henrik interviews Steve Goreham of
8:00 The earth is driven by cycles. Long, medium and short term. The long term cycles, which cause the ice ages and the warm periods between the ice ages are driven by the tilt of the earth’s axis, changes in the earth’s orbit, and the effect of the sun on the planets.
10:30 The combination of these cycles is enough to fully explain any temperature variations without resort to “global warming” theories.
12:00 The ice cycle is about 90,000 years long, and the warm cycle 10,000 years long. We are close to the end of the warm period.
16:30 (We can only live on earth because of the greenhouse effect). Somewhere between 75% and 90% of the greenhouse effect is due to water vapour and clouds.
17:30 Calculating all this maybe 1% of the greenhouse effect is caused by man. If we completely eliminated all emissions by man we could probably not measure the difference it made.
18:00 Only four out of 10,000 molecules in the atmosphere are CO2.
23:00 Since 1880 the earth’s temperature has risen by 0.7 degrees Celsius.
24:00 In Roman times they grew olives in central Germany.  This was another warmer period (than today).
26:00 Universities won’t get funding if they state climate change is natural
28:00 Al Gore left office with about $5m, and now worth 100’s of millions – there is money in this story. Many others are making a lot of money from climate alarm.
29:00 As the earth warms  a major threat they state is that ice caps will melt and will raise levels and flood many coastal cities and lower countries.
31:00 Satellite data shows Arctic ice has been decreasing for 30 years. It comes and goes naturally. As it is floating on the ocean, if it melts it will not raise sea levels. (Like if you have ice floating on water in a glass, and the ice melts.) Arctic ice accounts for only 1 – 2% of ice. The same satellite data shows Antarctic ice, which is 90% of the world’s ice, has been increasing for 30 years, as has the surrounding sea ice. The remaining 8 – 9% of ice is around Greenland, and this has been losing ice around the edges and gaining in the centre. Overall, earth’s ice caps are stable.
33:50 Sea level rises have been 7 – 8″ per century over the last 150 years. So Al Gore’s prediction of a 20′ (foot) rise by 2100 is very unlikely.
A podcast interviewing Malcolm Roberts on the Australian scientific agency, the CSIRO, and its promotion of global warming.
5:50 – The UN IPCC is corrupt. The aim of the UN is global governance by a small elite. The three legs of their Agenda 21 campaign for global governance
  1. climate change
  2. biodiversity
  3. sustainability
7:45 All academic alarmists are funded by government – grants, discussion groups…
12:00 Governments use the IPCC reports to make policy. It has no empirical evidence of its core claim of human global warming by carbon dioxide. In the 2001 report it had just one chapter claiming global warming and attributing it to human CO2- Chapter 12.  Then in the 2007 report Chapter 9 was the only chapter claiming global warming and attributing it to human CO2, and this was built on Chapter 12.  Neither chapter gave any scientific empirical evidence of this.
22:00 The government hires journalists to write articles to give to the media claiming warming without attributing the articles to the government. So the government uses tax money to pay journalists and fund grants for pliant universities and scientists to write propaganda to justify taxing the people more.
 27:00 The three major misrepresentions:
  1. Human CO2 controls and determines global temperature and climate – FALSE
  2. There is an overwhelming consensus of scientists supporting that claim – FALSE
  3. Unless we do something catastrophic events will occur at some unspecified time in the future – FALSE
  1. Since 1998 the earth is cooling. There has been no net change in rural temperatures not affected by the growth of cities since 1890 is zero.
  2. CO2 has been up to 40% higher at times over the last 180 years than now.
  3. Warming is beneficial.
35:00 The money fraud
Australians work 3.4 days out of five paying taxes and fees to the federal, state and local governments. Only 1.6 days are left to actually pay for everything else, to live.

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