Rats in Penang

And by rats, I mean rodents.  I’ve seen them in almost any city I have spent any time in, so I am not suprised by my rodent encounters, but, living in a house, I have occasionally to deal with them.

When it rains heavily I sometimes find that  a rat visits the following nights.  Once it has discovered our garden it will visit every night until I catch it. The rat also destroys part of the garden.  Unfortunately all I can do it kill it, as it won’t be discouraged.

I have tried poison unsuccessfully – but I don’t like it as it’s inhumane. I have tried sticky paper, and only caught myself.  Ordinary traps aren’t humane either, and didn’t work, besides.

rat trap

rat trap

Finally I found this trap in a hardware store. It works!  But you need to provide the right bait.  At first I provided nice food, as it was going to be the rat’s last meal.  I didn’t catch anything.  In the end I found plain bread works best.

In the morning I find a very morose rat in the trap.  Then I simply put the cage into a bucket of water, and soon it’s all over for the rat.  I think this is the most humane way.



  1. malaysians do the same as you, drown it, but i am not sure it is a humane way. sounds awful to drown. it is awful whatever method u use. i think i shall just let it come to the garden as long as it does not get into the house. when u say it destroys the garden, in what way? eat the vegetables or the flowers? are rats vegetarians? i dont know.

    1. I don’t think anything is humane, but drowning seems more than any others available to me. It – for it is always just one – comes into the ceiling of the house. Rats carry some disease here that can be fatal. It is rare, but happens. And it digs up the garden, mainly through the compost (fruit and vege compost) destroying seedlings and larger vegetables. Growing anything edible here is not easy, and when you actually get seedlings, only a few survive, and it is heatbreaking when they are destroyed for nothing by the rat.

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