Free stuff on your birthday in Penang

There are a couple of quite nice things you can get free during your birthday month.

If you are registered with Golden Screen Cinemas – an easy procedure online at – then during your birthday month you get two free tickets for any film on their “free list.”  These are marked with an * when you check the film listing online.  To get best advantage check the available films from the beginning of the month as some weeks they may be no interesting films on their list.  Log in, print out the benefits page, fill it in and take it and an ID with matching details to the ticket counter at the cinema. If you’re interested, for the film we saw yesterday this benefit was worth RM18.

If you have a Starbucks card and you have registered it online at can get a free piece of cake during your birth month if you buy a drink – but it must at least be the second drink of the month you’ve bought.  Just ask for the free cake when you are paying with your card. I think the cake normally costs around RM9.

We are regulars at both establishments anyway,  and appreciate their generosity.  But you don’t have to be a regular customer.

Otherwise I am not aware of anything interesting.  But we took advantage of both of these yesterday, and it was a very pleasant day.




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