A few useful acronyms in Malaysia

In Malaysia, if it doesn’t have an acronym it mustn’t be important.  Here are a few. As Malaysians mostly speak English I haven’t noticed anything inappropriate or rude.

JPJ = Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan = Road Transport Department
KL = Kuala Lumpur
KLIA = KL International Airport
KLCC = KL Convention Centre = is where the Petronas towers are, and a big mall (Suria) – but all of it is known as KLCC
…plenty of other acronyms with KL
KK = Kota Kinabalu – the main city in the state of Sabah
LCCT = Low Cost Carrier Terminal = the terminal across the runway from KLIA that serves low cost airlines such as Air Asia
MEPS = Malaysian Electronic Payment System – you’ll probably see it on your local banking cards
MYKAD = Malaysian National Identity Card
PG = Penang
PIDM = Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia = it insures bank deposits
SDN BHD = Sendirian Berhad, Private Limited Company
SPAD = Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat – you see this in notices in taxis – regulates and enforces all matters relating to land public transport
TM = Telekom Malaysia – the original state telco, with often an attitude to match. But if you find the right person they can be good.

When I was checking to see if others had written such an article – no point me writing if someone else had – I found a few abbreviations, courtesy of here:

BMW = Brings More Women or Big Money Waste. (BMW’s can cost three or four times what they do in Europe.)
FORD = Fix Or Repair Daily
PROTON = Possibly the Riskiest Option To drive On Road Nowadays


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