Malaysia and the Global Warming Fraud – or – the colder it gets the more global warming tax you pay

The global warming fraud is being used to justify all sorts of government control and taxes. I want to write a little about that, and about the effect so far in Malaysia – even though I don’t really know much about what is happening here, just my impression from living here, asking a few questions, and checking online.

The UN led measures such as Agenda 21 and ICLEI  to make the world “sustainable” and cooler are based on this global warming lie. If you know nothing about this and have 1 minute to spare:

When they were thinking up (see p51) this environment scam (minute 195 tells of the history of the “Report from Iron Mountain”) decades ago, I don’t know why they didn’t decide on using global cooling. To me, that is much more plausible. The idea, as ever, is to promote the idea that we ordinary humans are the problem – damaging the environment – and that we need governments with more power to control us and solve the problem.  And to also thus transfer wealth from ordinary people to the corporations/ super rich using such techniques as carbon trading. The ones who gave us the polluting system that they blame us for using, in other words. A century or so ago, when there was a choice of petrol or electric cars, we got petrol cars, because Mr Rockefeller had a waste product from oil that he dumped into rivers – called petrol. With petrol cars his waste was suddenly a resource he could sell.

Basically, energy gives us our standard of living, as you know. The UN agenda is to return us to before the industrial age – even burning wood creates carbon dioxide and will ultimately be banned – and thus “save the planet”.  I have to assume the “elite” will be exempt as always.  We live in caves and shiver, and they live in mansions with all the lights on – like Al Gore.  But the catastrophic warming they predicted hasn’t happened.  Will people realise that it is not happening, and is untrue,  and resist before this agenda goes too far? Once people understand this, Agenda 21, ICLEI, and all the other UN programs infiltrated into all levels of government and into corporations must be cancelled.

As yet, Malaysia is not too affected by the global warming fraud, with one exception, which I will come to later. Perhaps it never will, as so many people are waking up to this.  On the other hand, in schools children are being taught that global warming is real.  So in a generation it is likely that the insidious programming and measures by the UN will start to appear here.  All based on lies. (IPCC exposed.) Meetings to promote the U.N. agendas are being held in Malaysia and around Asia.

In Malaysia there seem to be no taxes on energy or other measures directed  at getting more revenue for the government and corporations based on the global warming fraud. In Western countries such taxes and measures abound.

Of course, here energy is “subsidised”.  The government privatised the people’s energy resources, and then very kindly doesn’t make the people pay full market price for what a company now owns, and should really be the people’s almost free.  Of course, Iraq and Libya provided the people’s resources to the people almost free, and look what happened there, but that’s another story.

Most years winters seem to be getting colder and colder in temperate regions, and people need to use more fuel for heating. They are hit with a double whammy – they spend more on fuel because it’s colder and they use more fuel,  and  with global warming taxes, each unit of fuel cost them more.  The colder it is the more global warming tax they pay.

Here there is no winter, so this can’t happen, although last year did seem cooler – and thus more pleasant. In fact, this December and January are the pleasantest I can remember – meaning the coolest.

All I notice here is “journalists” in The Star – a daily national English language newspaper – or The Sun – a week-daily free national English language newspaper – occasionally moaning or pontificating about global warming.  They seem simply to unquestioningly take the UN IPCC line – whether it’s because their editor tells them to, or they are just lazy or stupid, I don’t know.  It’s hardly worth reading such journalists’ articles if that is how they are.

But anectdotally I feel that wherever I go it is generally cooler, although it varies over the years, and the weather reports show this too. Just the other day a global warmist “scientist” in Antartica to promote global warming was stuck in the thickest ice there for about 35 years, and had to be rescued. You’d think he’d at least be smart enough to check and find out that the ice is getting thicker every year, and then go somewhere where he could at least not debunk his own story. Apparently not. And this story was in the legacy mainstream media. Antarctica icing up ore and more in the southern summer, and record cold in the northern hemisphere’s winter. So it must be becoming ever harder for anyone to believe their scam.

As always, think – who benefits if I believe in this? For everything they tell you.

Now, as for the exception mentioned earlier – unfortunately Malaysia has chemtrails / geoengineering. This is where planes spray the sky with chemicals. Governments and politicians deny this occurs and say it’s a conspiracy theory. They say all trails are contrails – condensation trails. However contrails last only a couple of minutes or so.  The photos below were taken 17 minutes apart, so obviously not contrails.

The latest U.N. IPCC summary notes geoengineering exists. See and do a search for “geoengineering”, which you’ll find on page 21.  The cover story appears to be that the chemicals will reflect the sun – causing by global dimming – and cool the earth .  But chemicals will also damage your health, and make it difficult for crops to grow, due to less sunlight.  The spraying is not nearly as intense here as in Europe (where I have witnessed how intense it is) or the U.S.

Over North Penang: you can see the cross they have made in the sky

Over North Penang: you can see the cross they have made in the sky, and another line just being sprayed now, as the plane (too high to see) heads left to right down the photo

17 minutes later: - you can see how the trails are feathering out into clouds and haze

17 minutes later: – you can see how the trails are feathering out into clouds and haze – the cross has spread out and moved across the sky, but you can still see it

So, another good reason for living here in Malaysia is that at least so far, many of the scams and injustices that have been perpetrated by governments / corporations in western countries have yet to be instigated here.  And the chemical spraying of the sky is much less intense and infrequent than western countries.

Unfortunately, from next year there will be a GST (VAT) here, a fate that Malaysians had been fortunate to avoid so far. But unless Malaysians become aware, it too will fall, to the expense of the people.


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