Penang Chinese New Year decorations, 2014

It’s Chinese New Year
and all through the night
there’s the sound of crackers
and flashes of light.

At this time of year it is usually great weather – sunny and bright blue skies. Where normally the traffic is terrible there’s hardly anyone around, and where it’s usually quiet can be quite busy.  You see whole families from little children to grandparents moving around in groups. And all the Chinese are cheerful.  Often you hear the sound of a lion dance starting up, and day or night – even at 4AM – you hear gigantic explosions randomly – meant to scare away any lurking evil spirits, and any chance of sleep.

2014-01-23 16.31.26s




2014-01-10 16.20.35s

2014-01-20 12.32.23s

2014-01-28 12.17.43s

2014-01-28 12.19.21s

2014-01-29 11.10.54s

2014-01-29 11.11.31s

2014-01-29 11.12.00s

2014-01-30 11.34.55s

2014-01-30 11.35.34s

2014-01-30 11.39.36s



2014-01-31 13.07.56s

our Chinese New Year tree

our Chinese New Year tree


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