Recovery from back pain back in 2012

I don’t feel inspired to write anything this week, but have about 35 blogs partially written.  Here is one written back in 2012 that I didn’t get around to publishing.


On Thursday 18th October, 2012 I was coughing so badly, as previously described, that the coughing caused back damage, and from then on any coughing was painful. This blog is about dealing with and recovering from back pain.


Lower back pain, aggravated when coughing.  My stomach expanded by about 6cm, even though my weight didn’t change.


I  injured my back during a particularly bad coughing fit, when I was doubled over. At the hospital visit I had been X-rayed, so I knew my back pain was strained muscles. The general idea from both doctors I saw at the hospital was to treat and cure the cough, and thus the cause of continual back pain will be removed and the back will be able to recover. I was prescribed these medicines (on the right side side) for my back.

so many medicines!!!

Adhesive patch to be attached to painful area twice a day

Celebrex – a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug – twice a day

Panadol – to take when Celebrex wears off


I used the patches for about 10 days, until I used them all. I didn’t notice them helping, but when I had used them all, I noticed the difference  not having them. So it seems they were effective in reducing pain.  They seem to slow release Panadol directly into the skin above the damage.

The Celebrex didn’t seem to work, and after reading about its possible side effects I soon stopped taking it. Instead I took Ibuprofen as directed on the box, which was three times a day.  After two weeks I reduced the dosage to one or at most two per day.

I was scared to go to bed at night, as it was very painful getting into and out of bed, and also changing positions in bed. So I decided to sleep sitting in a reclining position, using chair or sofa arms and my leg muscles to get up.  Thus I could sleep without causing more damage to my back, and my recovery accelerated. However, I woke several times during the night and got up and walked around, as I was basically sleeping in one position, and thought it a good idea to move a bit.

After a week of sleeping sitting I was able to get into bed again, first sleeping partially sitting up for a couple of nights, and then actually lying down. I can now get into and out of bed, and change positions, slowly, without pain.

So now it’s the 18th day, and I am generally improving gradually each day, being able to lift slightly heavier things, and move a bit more flexibly. How much longer? Perhaps two weeks.

I made a four day three night trip to KL, travelling by bus, and staying in a nice hotel. I don’t think it hindered my recovery, and perhaps helped it as it was fun.  I got others to move the luggage, as I couldn’t.

And now at day 23 I am now is slow recovery mode.  I still need one ibuprofen about once every 24 hours, but I will try a lower dosage tablet from tonight – 400mg instead of 600mg per tablet.  It meant that it didn’t kill all the pain or swelling, and made it harder to sleep well. Resumed 600mg, once before sleeping.

Day 27, had pizza and vodka & tonic, but no ibuprofen. So by the night of Day 28 it is 48 hours since I had it.  Back muscles feel a bit tight, but no pain unless I cough a lot. Still can only lift very light things, or bend very carefully.  Can get into and out of bed, and move in bed without pain, or very little.

Thursday November 22 – Day 32? – Back is starting to feel normal, and I can easily lift the 5KG bag of compost, get into and out of the car and bed normally etc. Still cough a lot, but seems to be improving. Been doing oil pulling 3x a day since Monday.

Monday 26th – went to pharmacy & pharmacist said perhaps allergy behind nose, and then mucus runs down into lungs and causes cough. Best if can remove oneself from cause of allergy if possible. But take nose spray morn & evening and cough syrup just evenings before bed, and take maybe four days to feel better. Actually, when woke up Tues morning 27th felt a lot better – hadn’t coughed much at all during night.  Then in afternoon after nap felt almost normal -just hip hurts and feel a bit tired – like at the end of the day.

Back situation gradually gets better day by day.


So in 2013 I was back to normal, fully recovered, and travelling, swimming and doing the gym, and climbing Penang Hill.


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