What they want you to think – government, mass media, education system

President Eisenhower warned of a conspiracy as he was leaving office – a conspiracy involving the military industrial complex. Which is perhaps more accurately named now the Intelligence Military Academic Industrial Media complex, or so I have heard.  President Kennedy, not long before he was assassinated, also warned of a conspiracy against the people in a famous speech. Decades later the legacy media still says nothing, but the new media gives plenty of coverage to what is happening behind the scenes.

Then, the CIA told the media and movie industry to label anything the Intelligence Military Academic Industrial Media complex does not want said with the specific words, “conspiracy theory”.  Which is why you hear that expression so often.

So this is what the Intelligence Military Academic Industrial Media complex wants you to think. Consider who benefits if you believe:

government is necessary
taxes are necessary
central banks are government owned
governments create money
interest on debt is normal and useful
school is education
history is as we were taught in school and in films
history just, sort of, happens
the media tells the truth
drugs being illegal reduces damage to society
moslem radicals are the terrorists
spray cans caused ozone holes
global warming is real, mankind caused it, and is a huge threat
chemtrails are contrails
we are the cause of the world’s problems
fracking is a good idea
vaccinations are good
fluoride is good
cancer is cured by radiation and chemicals
pharmaceuticals cure sickness
mercury as tooth fillings is OK
teeth can’t repair themselves
allopathic medicine is good
cholesterol and fat are bad
airport full body scanners are harmless
GM is good
sunshine is bad
sun block chemicals are good
anything about AIDS

By the way, the co2 from the volcano near iceland in 2010 released more than all the co2 of all human activity in recorded history – and the world still cooled.

Tomato bubble , a U.S. web site came up with this list – unfortunately I had to edit this slightly due to limitations of free speech.

* America’s Constitution is outdated.
* Karl Marx was a great philosopher.
* The Civil War was about slavery.
* FDR’s New Deal saved America.
* Germany started 2 World Wars.
* Picasso was the greatest artist.
* Einstein was the smartest man who ever walked the face of the Earth.
* Senator Joe McCarthy was evil.
* Martin Luther King was a Saint.
* Capitalism is about greed and socialism is about charity.
* Men and women are the same.
* There is no such thing as race.
* Man ‘evolved’ from ocean scum.
* Global Warming is a proven fact.
* There are no government conspiracies.
* Guns and religion are evil.

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