Penang and other podcasts

I thought I would write about podcasts I listen to at the moment.  Podcasts are very efficient for me, as I can listen and do something else at the same time. If I am driving by myself, exercising in the gym, gardening, doing housework, shopping, climbing Penang Hill…

So far I have only found one Penang podcast:

and listening to his podcast he says there are only ten Malaysian podcasters.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find them. His podcast only started a couple of months ago.


Also I listen to podcasts from around the world: Red Ice Radio is broadcast out of Sweden and Hendrick covers a really diverse range of topics, mostly interviewing experts in their fields. In English. The Corbett Report is from Japan, although Mr. Corbett is Canadian, and again covers a broad range of topics, mostly by interviews, but also some discussion panels etc. In English, although James briefly spoke Japanese (quite well I thought) once, that I heard. Vinny broadcasts out of New Zealand and mostly interviews people on a range of topics. Max broadcasts from Australia mainly on regaining our freedom, peacefully and spiritually. is also broadcast out of Australia, and  covers who has taken and freedom, and how to get it back.  Broadcast out of Baltimore, U.S.A. Mostly interviews with a humourous approach, less political, more on health, spirituality, rock stars of the past… Dr. Daniels broadcasts from Panama, having escaped the clutches of the American Medical Association in the U.S., it seems. She tells the truth about pharmaceuticals, vaccines etc. In English. Pam broadcasts from Canada on health issues. Broadcast from the U.S. Caucasian oriented. Topics of interest to me are history of rock groups or singers, history as not told in films, school history books etc.  Subscription based, out of the U.S.  Out of the U.S., from Republic Broadcasting – but he only posts a few of his podcasts on his site.  Often about what is happening in the U.S. – implementation of Agenda 21 etc.  Out of the U.S. Really too politically correct for me, but often the second part of the show covers one particular topic – I enjoyed the interview with Oliver Stone, for example. A shorter version is also published in Spanish. Frank broadcasts from Australia on his political / social model.  From the U.S., I think.  I just found this, and can’t yet classify it in my mind. – Out of the UK – nothing broadcast recently, but archives are often on using the real law – not statute law – to keep your freedom.

Finally, for RM5 you can buy an earphone / microphone in Daiso – Gurney Plaza, Gurney Paragon, Queensbay Mall.  It’s not stereo, but for podcasts you don’t need stereo – giving you one ear with which to hear what’s going on in your surroundings, which is safer if you are out.  And you can use it for phone calls with the microphone, although to dial or answer a call you’ll have to use your phone itself.

2014-02-10 19.52.53

But don’t buy them all – I regularly break earsets – any brand, not just these ones – as I get them caught on things, and they can take only so many hard tugs.  So they only last me six months, and I have to buy another. A replacement, with the mike on the lead, from the phone manufacturer when I asked was close to RM100.

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