contracts in Malaysia

Have you noticed that to get a service you often have to sign a contract, and you are simply guided to “sign here”  and here by the salesperson, instead of actually reading the six pages of Font 2 fine print.

Often one of the clauses you are signing is that you have read and understood the full text of the contract, when indeed you have done neither.

But if you want the service, as the company is a virtual monopoly or oligopoly, you won’t get the service from any company unless you agree to such conditions.

All consumers should ask the sales person to read out the text in full – it hurts your eyes to read it yourself as the text is so tiny, and there are so many pages so as to dissuade you from reading it.  That would achieve a couple of things. You would at least know what the contract says; so would the salesperson; the company would know that you know – and know how unfair the contract is.

In the contract a company will often absolve themselves of all possible liability, and ensure you take all liability on.

They state they can change terms and conditions and vary fees without your agreement.  Which means the contract it open-ended. They could use this to change a one year contract to a 10,000 year contract.  Thus this clause is ludicrous.

Sometimes they state that if you don’t agree to new terms you have to cancel contract and pay cancellation fees.

You’ll note there are few to no options for the customer, and many options for the service provider, in the contract.

From looking at some of these contracts I believe they are grossly unfair, and presented to you the customer in a deceptive way, and also not properly disclosing the conditions.  They do not sound like valid contracts at all.

Many Malaysians just ignore all of it and stop paying when they no longer want a service, I hear. Do these companies follow this up or not? I don’t know.

So, if at all possible, read or get the salesperson to read, the contract in full.


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