Detoxing your food with ozone

I am a sucker for health products. This one we saw demonstrated at a show in PISA in Penang, and just bought it.

It is used to clean food of toxins. It comes with two tubes, one for vegetables and fruit, and one for fish and meat etc. The former products are ozoned for 15 minutes, and the latter for 30 minutes.

The fruit and vegetables don’t give off so many visible toxins, but meat and chicken can be quite bad. A chicken bought at Tesco gives off a lot more of the nasty white foamy stuff than a chicken bought at Sam’s Groceria, for example.

The downside of this procedure is, of course, that it takes time. When we return with shopping we are busy.

Ozone machine

Ozone machine

meat in filtered water

meat in filtered water

just turned machine on

just turned machine on

after 30 minutes of ozoning

after 30 minutes of ozoning

the gunk extracted in front

the gunk extracted and the clean meat


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