Is Malaysia’s dry season finally over?

It’s been the driest dry season here for 15 years, according to the local Sun newspaper.

It rained on us here in Pulau Tikus once in February. Then sometime last week, from memory, and on Saturday. Not so much rain, but at least something. For a few days now, there have been clouds around early in the morning, but they have cleared. But this afternoon it has rained heavily twice. The second downpour has been continuing for over an hour.

rain at last - and it is heavy

rain at last – and it is heavy

So the garden will be happy after today for at least a couple of days, and I have collected enough water for two to three days use after that, so I don’t need to use the town water until Saturday at the earliest – if there is no more rain until then.



  1. I just returned after ten years abroad and find that we have this dry spell, water rationing and haze! In KL. Was browsing the expat-blog directory and that’s how I found you — great reading about what it’s like living in Penang!

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