Pouring in Penang

Rain in Penang is very localised.  It can rain in Balik Pulau on the other side of the island, or Batu Ferringhi, further around the coast, or in the south of the island, but not rain in Pulau Tikus, where I am.  In fact, it can rain a few streets away, and not here.

dark and threatening sky this morning

dark and threatening sky this morning

But in this area is was dark and threatening at 7:30 this morning, and pouring at 8:30.

2014-04-01 08.48.43s

heavy rain before 9AM

So my simply rain collection system has enough to water the garden for three days after it stops raining.

water collection system and composters

water collection system and composters



  1. it looks like living in pulau tikus u are in the leeward side of penang hill and protected somewhat from the south west monsoon which brings the rain to the west coast of west malaysia. that might explain the localised dry spot near you. the tourist office dont mention it but it is the wet season in malaysia around the northern summer months. i remember being in kuala lumpur around july and it was torrential rain and flash flooding.

  2. Love your little rain bucket collection! My fiance and I live in Texas, we hardly get any rain here. We also have buckets like yours that collect rain to water our plants. Anything is possible! you don’t need a gigantic rain tank, to conserve and garden efficiently!

    1. And the plants prefer the rain water to the town water.

      Yesterday we compare a glass of filtered water to a glass of rainwater. Despite the fact that the rainwater would have some pollution in it collected from falling down through polluted air, the rainwater looked much clearer.

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