Paleo in Penang – losing weight without weeping

I’ve noticed that as you get older, and perhaps as you live in different environments, how you successfully lose weight – and other things – changes.  Up until  my late 30’s I could anything and I wouldn’t gain weight anyway.  Later, when I did, I could lose it simply by combining foods correctly. More recently a two-week water fast would knock off 6KG and 6cm from my waist.

I have always been overly keen on sugar, but I have discovered that eating fat doesn’t make you fat, but it virtually eliminates sugar cravings.  In about 5 months I have lost 5 KG by simply eating what might be called a traditional or Paleo diet.

I limit fruit to one piece a day (because it is still sugar), eat lots of vegetables, eggs, cream, butter and cheese, and meat, fish or chicken. And almost no carbohydrates.

And I eat a lot less than before.  A normal pattern is simply a freshly made vegetable juice sometime in the morning, some coffee at some stage, and dinner at 3PM or after.  If hungry, some cheese, butter and biscuits – but still, only three biscuits, which only slightly violates the no carb rule.  Being in the tropics plenty of water is also good.

This is not hard, and just gradually loses weight.  A violation or two in a week should simply be forgiven as there is no need to suffer, and you’ll still succeed if overall the plan is followed.

At least one Kilo is simply the extra weight of the water that your body retains because you are in the tropics.  Weighing myself at different times of day shows quite radical differences, depending on how much water I have drunk and what I have done – a climb up Penang Hill can lose 1.5 KG temporarily.

As grocery prices dramatically rise here our bill has stayed about the same as we eat less, and thus buy a lot less.  This is a bonus.


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