Tuna Bay Resort, Perhentian Islands, Malaysia 3/3 – tropical fish

There is some coral just a few feet from the shore on some parts of the beach. If you snorkel here you can see fish. But also one or more fish peck your legs – you are invading their territory perhaps. One girl had actual bites on her leg. Trigger fish.  It must be their nesting season. Later on a different beach I was attacked, too, on a leg.

20140512 (76A) (6) (Copy)

Other fish peck at you occasionally – maybe they think you are food. But I found that if you keep on moving, even if slowly, the fish leave you alone.

dangerous fish

DSCN0300 (Copy)

DSCN0319 (Copy)

DSCN0322 (Copy)

DSCN0324 (Copy)

I have never found a place where it is so easy to snorkel and see fish. If you walk around the island – as in my previous blog too, you see coral here and there, so it is really easy to find places to snorkel.


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