2014-05-27 17.23.38 (Copy)

In the never ending quest for crisps untainted with MSG and with no GM components I thought I’d try Tesco crisps. Price RM5.99. With almost all brands flavoured crisps are full of chemicals, so I bought the plain ones. Ingredients are only potatoes and palm oil. Neither are yet GM. Canola, soy and corn oil are however quite likely to be GM, but none of them here.


2014-05-27 18.29.22 (Copy)


On opening the pack I found most crisps quite small, in part because many were broken. And the flavour – plain. In the end I ate most of them with Mexican salsa.

Lays, in the plain flavour, is a similar price,  has no MSG but has sunflower oil, corn oil or canola oil.  The last two are likely to be GM. If you are prepared to pay double, then you can buy crisps from Scotland or England or Australia.  All are tastier and have no poisons in them.


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