TGV Gurney Paragon Cinema – (not the French train)

We made it to TGV the other day. It finally opened a month or so ago, but it took us some time to get around to going.

2014-05-28 14.43.11 (Copy)

It appears there is one IMAX cinema, and one Beanie – where you sit in bean bags.

2014-05-28 14.42.56 (Copy)

Other cinemas are along this corridor, seen below.

2014-05-28 14.42.23 (Copy)

We saw Godzilla in the IMAX cinema. Price per person was RM19, and there was no senior discount. Just before entering the cinema you are handed 3D glasses.  First I noticed the seats were very comfortable, with ample leg room. And the sound was good.  The movie shorts were not in 3D, but the picture was still very good.  After a bit they tell you to put on your 3D glasses. Then the following movie shorts were really good.  The screen seemed smaller  than without the glasses, but the action was very close.  My best 3D experience so far.



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