Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – Mock Orange

Mock Orange seem to grow well here.  I seem to grow them really easily.

Some of my neighbours have them too, and we are very close to the sea, so they withstand sea air.

I haven’t even tried to take cuttings.  All I do is put the seeds that I take off the plants into a pot with some soil. Sometimes I just put them in the same pot as the mock orange plant it came from. Then I just wait, and a few weeks / months later some of them germinate and I can repot.

I do notice that around the end of the year more mock orange seem to germinate, but still anytime during the year some come up.

Mock orange are so fragrant they are nice to have around, and as a result they attract bees, which will also find the flowers of other plants you are growing. They find my pumpkin and passionfruit flowers. They also attract birds, which eat the seeds right of the mock orange plants, so recently I haven’t seen any mature seeds.  The seeds are green at first, eventually becoming red when they are mature.


three mock orange trees

three mock orange trees

flower buds

flower buds



immature seed - when dark orange or red it is mature

immature seed – when dark orange or red it is mature



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