Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – weeds

Weeds – in my rooftop garden I don’t have any.  Picking out weeds is pretty much the most boring part of gardening, but it’s not my problem. For the first time in my gardening life.

How did I achieve this? Well, it just sort of happened. After all, I am growing plants on concrete.  I have started, and continued with the cheapest Tesco soil. RM1.50 a bag is the current price.  No nutrition in it probably, but no bugs or weed seeds or anything living.

Tesco soil

Tesco soil

Then I added home=made compost, as previously blogged.  There are no weeds composted, so none come out of the compost.  However, the compost does add seeds to the soil, and some germinate, which is how I have got tomato plants, pumpkin plants, some passion fruit vines, bitter gourd vines, chilli plants, papaya trees…  If I want them, which I often do, I either leave them where they are, transplant them, or pot them.

recently germinated from compost -passion fruit, pumpkin, papaya

recently germinated from compost – passion fruit, pumpkin, papaya

Twice a month I add chicken or sheep manure as a fertiliser, both again which I buy from Tesco.  They seem to have no seeds, so cause no problems.

And as the garden has grown from seeds I have either got from produce I have bought,  or seeds I have bought, or from my own home grown fruit or vegetables, and not from nursery pots which could have seeds in their soil, then no weeds appear.

seeds from one of my pumpkins

seeds from one of my pumpkins

Thus the main tasks in my rooftop garden are collecting leaves or any matter and adding to the compost, watering – often with rainwater I have collected, twice monthly light fertilising, adding compost when it is ready, checking to see what has germinated and deciding whether to leave it, transplant it or compost it, keeping track of fruit and vegetables that are growing, and harvesting same at the appropriate time.

baby pumpkin

baby pumpkin

growing pumpkin - it could be harvested now, as it's about 2KG

growing pumpkin – it could be harvested now, as it’s about 2KG

passion fruit vine

passion fruit vine

tiny passiion fruit growing

tiny passion fruit growing


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