Langkawi 2014 and the Paleo diet – the masterplan

There are a lot of things I like about Langkawi.

But what I don’t like is that I can’t find much of interest in the way of food. I eat a more or less what I understand to be a Paleo diet, so meals based on noodles or rice are just not for me. I make occasional exceptions if I really want to eat something that should be excluded – crisps, Mexican food … But this is if I want to; I don’t want to be forced to.

Thus I spent an evening trawling blogs to see if there were any restaurants or (ideas for activities) I wasn’t aware of. There were a few.

Generally when at home I don’t eat a huge volume – this has kept my grocery bill steady despite large grocery price rises. A large freshly made vegetable juice in the morning, my main meal between 2PM and 6PM depending on hunger, and dessert – fruit and cream – around 8PM. But I may need also a snack – cheese, nuts, or whatever, at some stage if I am hungrier than usual.

When in Langkawi we are more active than usual, as there is more to do. So I tend to eat more, and more frequently. So I have a plan for the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As you know, Langkawi is duty-free for alcohol, tobacco products and cars. Chocolate is cheaper, too. Wine is not much cheaper, but beer and spirits are. Nevertheless, some wine with a fish dinner is more affordable there.

So, the plan for the three days there is:

Breakfast – Buy fruit for breakfast at the night market. Take coffee and a plunger, and use the kettle at the motel to make the coffee. (Taking an immersion heater and a pot would enable boiling eggs. )  Some dark chocolate and nuts for a snack.

Lunch: At the fish and chip restaurant at least once. I’ll eat salad instead of chips.  Otherwise not yet sure – it depends where we are, in part.

Dinner: Mexican one night, Lebanese another night, and I hope to track down some fish for another night –  from memory at the airport end of the Cenang road there is a popular Malay restaurant that is OK.  A hunt on Trip Advisor should turn up other alternatives.  But as we are staying in Cenang, and due to roaming cattle, night driving in the countryside is risky, it should be close by.

And we are taking some roast chicken to eat when we feel like it – and a couple of packets of crisps – it may not be possible to find un-(MSG)poisoned crisps there.


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