Parking at wet markets

We used to shop at the Pulau Tikus wet market.  It is only a few minutes walk there, but given the atrocious driving of car drivers and riding of motorcyclists, plus lack of appropriate and safe footpaths, it was too dangerous to walk. So I had to drive, which took about the same amount of time as walking.  But then the car park was eliminated, and it became impossible to park on the streets as everyone else was also trying to park there.

So we started to shop instead at the Mt. Erskine wet market. It is too far to walk there, but only a few minutes by car if I don’t hit a jam. The actual market car park is small and always packed, but in the nearby streets you may find a spot, and there is also some empty land to park on.  But on Monday there was a “no parking” sign on the empty land.  I don’t know why.  But without those spaces the streets will be too packed to park.

So, it might be back to the old standby – one person stopped somewhere in the car, waiting, while the other does the shopping.

Mt. Erskine parking - useful for wet market

Mt. Erskine parking – useful for wet market – and now no longer?



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