A trip from Penang to Langkawi by bus and ferry – mid-2014

“The reviews of the ferry ride from Penang to Langkawi were that if the weather was calm it was OK, but if rough, people were sick, and the cabin is enclosed, so it becomes a very unpleasant crossing.  See my blog on travel options for more details.” … as I’ve written before.

We decided for this trip to catch the bus to see if this was easier and / or cheaper than driving and paying for parking at the port.  The last trip in December 2012 was during school holidays, and prices in Langkawi were much higher, so this trip started after school had returned. And we thought it was nicer to catch the ferry from George Town and then bus from Butterworth,  rather than the more straightforward Sungai Nibong start.  Starting at Sungai Nibong means one less transfer, but paying a bit more for the taxi.  And the bus will start at Sungai Nibong anyway, then stop at Butterworth. I just enjoy the ferry ride to Butterworth more, though.

Booking bus tickets for Plusliner, Butterworth to Kuala Perlis, on the web was unsuccessful as the web site didn’t work, so we had to go to the bus terminal at Sungai Nibong to purchase them, and we did this about 10 days in advance.  Not that we thought it was really necessary to book, but we were going to Queensbay Mall anyway, and the bus terminal is nearby. You can easily park there, and we were charged RM1 for a short time.

bus ticket

bus ticket

One way costs for one person:

RM20 for taxi to George Town ferry terminal – or if you like RM10 each as there were two of us

RM0 for ferry (returning to George Town it costs RM1.20)

RM16.50 for bus ticket from Butterworth to Kuala Perlis

RM18 for ferry from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi





  1. Hello, thanks for so detailed information. I am considering taking the Perlis-Langkawi ferry. Was wondering if I can take taxi from Penang? Do the authorities permit taxis from Penang to Perlis? If yes, then how much can they cost?

    About cars; can I rent a car, drive up to Perlis and leave it at Perlis jetty for the car company to pick up? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello.

      I suppose you can get a taxi – you would have to find a taxi driver who agrees to do it. There is no law against it. You could also try Uber. Install the app and then request the journey. That way you could also get a price.

      I haven’t rented a car here, but if you are prepared to pay a one-way fee you should be able to leave a car there, if you are using one of the large car rental agencies.

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