Asus T100 Windows Hybrid Laptop / Tablet

I suddenly needed a laptop as networking died on my previous one. And my tablet was two and a half years old at the time, and getting slow – because software updates are more demanding of hardware than they used to be, I suppose.  I had looked at Apple a few times, but they cost three or four times as much, and I needed it quickly.  I had read reviews, so it was an easy decision. I bought an Asus T100.

For specifications and a review with which I agree see a professional site.

It took a while getting used to the Windows 8.1 interface with the touch interface – even though I had had 8.1 on the old laptop.

And now after several months I rarely use the tablet function, as it only has the one Windows button on the side, and somehow seems much more difficult to use as a tablet than an Android Tablet or an iPad.

As it has an SSD for C: drive in the tablet/screen section, and a hard disk for D: drive in the keyboard section, anything you configure or put on D: drive is unreachable when used as a tablet. The micro SD card slot is in the tablet, so that is where I must put ebooks etc. that I want to access when I use it as a tablet – and reading is about the only reason I use it as a tablet.

Android has so many good apps – and Windows has few. The ebook apps are so much better on Android. And Windows seems to have no Kindle app. that you can download in Malaysia. Thus one needs really to be online much more than with Android as you have to use the web, rather than an app which has its own downloadable database. For example, for German I use the Dic CC app on Androad, and I don’t need to be online. But on Windows there is no app, so I have to use the web and thus be online.

Not having an ethernet connection is inconvenient, as wireless is much slower (and toxic) to upload anything or move anything around my network.

The battery does not last me as long as the reviews state -more like eight hours for me.

It does also seem underpowered, and it is usually better to limit the number of tabs open on your web browser to about four or five. And not have too many programs open at one time, either.  Having said which, it is still much livelier than my aging tablet in this regard.

It comes with Microsoft Word and Excel, and this is convenient as my licenced versions are several years old now. I don’t use them a lot, but I do use them.

But what sold me was the price, its hybrid function, its size and weight, and having some MS Office apps.  My phone is Android, so I can use it for the apps that work offline such as Dic. CC,  and for apps that Windows doesn’t have. And with AirDroid installed I can operate my phone from the laptop when I wish.  It can do much more than a tablet, and in conjunction with the phone I don’t really need a tablet. I took it too Australia and found it very useful.

All in all I am pretty happy with it.

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