The onion cure for a cold in Penang?

onion cut in half

onion cut in half

Cut an onion in half and leave on a plate near your sick-bed. That’s it, really.

A cold in the tropics just doesn’t seem nearly as bad as a cold in – well elsewhere where it’s normally cold.

Cinemas here set the air-con too low, but last week when I saw a film it was freezing.  And the film turned out to be far longer than expected.  I ended up with a cold.

You can look on the Internet for onion cures – it’s as simple as detailed above.  I stayed in bed Sunday and Monday with my onion, and by Tuesday was feeling much better.  And Wednesday I was up and about again. Much faster than usual for me.  So, did it work?  I don’t know.  It didn’t do any harm, except the spare bedroom needed airing after three days of raw onion hanging around. I will try it again when I need it, though.

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