MH370, MH17 speculation and my travel plans

My condolences to the families and friends of everyone on board these flights.

When I heard of these incidents, first I thought, “What happened?”  In both cases there is no clear answer. Then I thought – “What is the motive – who benefits, and who loses?”  And, of course I also want to know who has the means and the opportunity.

Mind you, I don’t know anything.  From all I have read I have formed a best guess about MH370, but not yet about MH17.

And, I am trying to work out if Malaysian Airlines, and thus Malaysia is being targeted.

So this blog is a work in progress.


In the case of MH370, Rolls Royce has trackers in the engines, and said the engines had run for five hours after the plane initially “disappeared”.  Passengers’ mobiles were reported as ringing by their family and friends the next day. And islanders in the Maldives reported seeing a low flying plane with markings like Malaysian Airlines.  So Rolls Royce knew were the plane was the whole time, and the whole multi-national search was a scam to divert attention.  To me it looks like it landed on Diego Garcia, the secret US base, south of the Maldives.  Just a guess, though.  is currently the best summary of what happened with MH17, I think.  There have again been anomalies reported, such as bodies of passengers that have been dead several days found just after the crash; charred remains, but passports in perfect condition…

A few more links that point out anomalies:

and the most outrageous:


I look at the reaction in the media to MH17:

The US, UK, European etc. governments happily slaughter non-combatant civilians in war zones all the time.  This is ongoing in Afghanistan, Iraq and various other countries where the western powers aim to steal their resources.

Then they are outraged when a plane is shot down in a war zone killing non-combatant civilians?

In 10 days in Gaza 227 Palestinians (about the same number as the passengers on MH17) have been slaughtered.  No outrage from the US, UK, European etc. governments?

So these governments happily slaughter civilians, ignore Israel holocausting Palestinian civilians, but vehemently protest someone else slaughtering?

All of this is wrong, and the perpetrators are all criminals who should be held accountable by us.

MOTIVE – who benefits and who loses?

It’s possible to think of so many motives, it’s easier if we can first decide who has the means and opportunity to commit these acts, and then think how these parties could benefit or make another lose or feel threatened.


MH370:  the pilots had both, and they could have been part of a plot, or simply tricked.  If the plane was remotely hijacked and flown, then the US is the only country that has demonstrated their capability to my knowledge, but if the US has it, then Israel probably does, and possibly other major military powers.

MH17: both sides in the conflict, the US and Russia all would appear to have the means and opportunity.

back to MOTIVE

MH370 – If it were the pilots, it could be for wealth – but they’d need new identities, and could never again see their families or friends or possibly homeland. But they would have been paid off for some other party’s motive. US benefit: Possibly, securing of the Freescale software, and the Freescale engineers, and/or eliminating the latter?  Or to threaten Malaysia. It may be to apply pressure to get the Malaysian government to sign the (US promoted)  Trans Pacific Partnership – a secret treaty that we know few details of, but seems clearly to benefit major international corporations at the expense of the people in every country. Or to damage China-Malaysia relations.  I can’t think of a motive for other countries.

MH17: If this were a deliberate act, then either targeting Malaysia or increasing tension between Russia and the West.

And what is my motive?  I want to know the truth. I want to know if it is safe to fly, free of interference by dark forces.  And I wonder if Malaysia is being targeted. For now I think it is possible that Malaysia is being targeted.   In May I caught MAS abroad as I thought it surely would be safe after the MH370 incident.  But now there is yet another incident. I have put my travel plans on hold as I had planned on flying on MAS later in the year.


  1. The theory about the passengers being dead several days before the flight is totally unbelievable! Many of them had friends and relatives in Amsterdam and were sent off by these people on the day of the flight.

    1. This is what locals are reported to have said. So there are some bodies of the passengers who boarded that day, and some other bodies that have been dead for a while. The media and governments are so dishonest it is hard to know what is true. You already know some of the lies from the media and government and information withheld about MH370. It will take a while before we can make our best guess about MH17. But the time you are most likely to hear the truth is the first reports from the ground – before the government has time to ensure the media stick to one story.

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