Month: July 2014

Our trip to Langkawi mid-2014

Over  the years we have flown to Langkawi, and driven to Kuala Perlis and then caught the ferry to Langkawi.  For our fourth trip there we decided to try the bus.  I have already blogged about the bus / ferry trip for this holiday, so I will take it from our disembarkation at the ferry terminal in Langkawi.


We arrived around 1.15PM, ignored most of the touts for rental cars and all of them for accommodation, but one tout seemed OK, so we went with him to his nearby office and rented a car from him.  This was a small orange Perodua Viva automatic – Mrs Tropical Expat’s requirement.  It was RM10 extra for the automatic, so it cost RM60 per day – 24 hours. The car was a bit battered but seemed OK for Langkawi. As usual I took multiple photos to attest to the dents already on the car.

Perodua Viva

Viv the Perodua Viva – it looked OK, but turned out not to be

We struck out for the roughly half hour drive to Cenang, stopping off firstly to buy petrol as rental cars are always empty, and then stopping on the way again to see the Big Sea Cucumber Oil Bottle, and indeed buy some product.

big bottle

big bottle

And we checked in to the NR Motel on the Pantai Tengah Road, actually staying in the same room we did last time.