Dessert at Hui Lau Shan in Gurney Plaza, Penang

In Malaysia you find quite a few dessert restaurants – dessert restaurants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea…

Mrs Tropical Expat wanted to try one in Gurney Plaza, and so we entered Hui Lau Shan a little after lunch.


Hui Lau Shan

There was only one other table occupied at this time, but the atmosphere was very relaxed and pleasant. On the menu there are also dishes other than desserts, and also drinks, but what attracted our attention was the mango desserts.





So Mrs TE ordered Mango Romance, and I ordered Margo Feast.  Now, I bought one kilo of mangoes at Tesco the other day for RM7.90, and with cream and a homegrown passion fruit they are delicious.  But a new interpretation is always interesting.

mango romance

mango romance

Mango Romance was quickly delivered.  And then we waited, and waited for mine.  We were now the only customers.  The two waitresses were playing games on their mobile phones.  And the three kitchen staff did not seem to be doing anything at all.  None of these five staff seemed to be particularly conscious of the fact we were not eating, but waiting, or that there were two orders written on their order form, and the fact they had only delivered one.  In the end I asked where my order was, which galvanised them into action.  While waiting I tried to connect to WiFi, but there was none.

mango mania

mango feast

With Mango Romance the mochi was the most interesting – but kind of strange.  And with Mango feast I liked the kind of nougatish icecream shown above on the left.  It was all quite nice, but I prefer my desserts at home.

Of course, I should have contested the Service Charge, considering the blatant lack of service, but I didn’t bother.



If you want to visit, the details are in the photo above.  There is no WiFi, which is surprising.  If you want a quiet spot where you won’t be bothered by staff, this could fit the bill.


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