My highlights of (living in) Penang

Just a short list of my highlights, as I feel at the moment:

  1. Freedom.  The government leaves me alone to do as I wish.
  2. Tropical fruit is cheap and delicious – Favourites – durian, mangosteen, mangoes
  3. Seafood is cheap and delicious – Favourite – prawns
  4. The cost of living is relatively low
  5. Going to the cinema is particularly cheap – RM8 on discount Wednesdays
  6. Plentiful water – I pay about M5 per month
  7. Hornbills
  8. Eating out is affordable
  9. Most places I want to go are only a few minutes drive away
  10. Very relaxed and casual
  11. No need for a jumper or coat, ever
  12. Reasonably easy access to Langkawi and the beaches of Perhentian Islands
  13. Some very nice temples on the island – Favourite – Burmese Temple
  14. George Town Heritage area
  15. I can grow passion fruit

One comment

  1. 16 The culture around pricing anything is: “our cost plus a reasonable profit” instead of “the maximum we can get away with”.
    17 Multiculturalism is an integral part of every interaction with people, not just something tacked on.
    18 People in general are self-effacing, mild, moderate, tolerant, friendly, helpful, understanding …nice
    19 English skills are held in high esteem.
    20 If you are inclined to learn the language of the national majority, it uses the same alphabet as English and is probably the easiest language to learn.
    21 You can fly, take a bus or train, or drive to many places, internally or internationally, cheaply and comfortably.
    22 People are approachable, willing to chat, not intimidated … your equal.
    23 When it rains, it’s heavy but all over and done with in a couple of hours, then the sun comes out. You don’t get rain setting in for six weeks like in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
    24 The local people have a feeling for the aesthetic. A bus stop may be a beautiful thing.
    25 Food isn’t just cheap, it’s (sticking neck out) the most varied of any country.

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