Water fasting that works for me

Currently I am on day 12 of a 14 day water fast.  I have been doing this twice or three times a year for about six years.  The aims are to detox and lose weight.  But I could not do this if I were working.

The first fast I ever did was the hardest.  I had so many toxins to release and I found it so difficult.  But it gets easier and easier, generally.  On the day before the fast, I may  eat the food I may miss, but I don’t eat too much, as I would then feel hungrier on the first day of the fast.  If the day before is fairly light, the first day of the fast is usually quite easy.

Every fast is different.  You can tell that toxins are being expelled from your body, and for some fasts you seem more toxic than others – but as the years pass and I try to be healthier, I find myself less and less toxic.  At some stages of the fast I have no energy and just want to lie down and rest.  I might even sleep for much of the day. Even climbing stairs is a chore.  Mostly I have enough or even plenty of energy.  I have climbed Penang Hill during a fast. On several different occasions. But more normally I swim for some exercise every two days.

Sometimes I am hungry – but mostly it is just appetite and not hunger.  The main thing after a few days is that you miss eating. That is really the hardest thing.  As the fast continues it becomes harder simply because I miss eating.

I am also not overly strict.  I mostly have one coffee a day because it suppresses my appetite, and also it is nice to taste something.  Occasionally my body demands something – such as yesterday it wanted vitamins – so I made a small glass of juice – orange, apple, carrot, ginger, garlic, turmeric.  I might nibble on a nut or a fig or something, just for some taste.  Or if I really need energy, eat a little honey.  But these are very minor, just to get myself through, and not every day.

Depending on how toxic I was, sometime towards the end of the fast the body is no longer expelling many toxins.  This is one success.

Every morning on rising I weigh myself and measure my waist, and then make a note of it.  Thus I can look back and see how I am progressing during the current fast in comparison to earlier ones.

Sometimes I find I lose a kilo every two days, and one centimetre off my waist every two days.  But progress is uneven, and varies for every fast.  During this fast, on Day 10 I have lost 5KG and 4CM from my waist.  Often progress is rapid for the first two or three days as the body releases water retained, and then is frustratingly slow for the next few days, but towards the end averages out at about what I wrote.  In 14 days I usually don’t lose more than 6KG, though.

After the fast I should ease slowly into eating, but I am afraid that I am not restrained enough, and soon I am back to normal.  Often I regain two kilograms fairly quickly, and then stabilise, so I still have a significant net weight loss.  Ditto with my waist – it will increase a little and then stabilise.

After the fast for a time I can easily cope with smaller servings and eat less volume.  We buy less food as I consume less.  However, over the months slowly my eating volume grows, and weight returns.  Three fasts a year would actually be enough to keep my weight and waist where I want it, but often I only manage two fasts.

Here are some notes from the current fast:

01 – Sun – 14.  70KG -91CMwaist- easy – energy and little hunger

02 – Mon – 15.   68.8 – 91 – no energy from morning till night, better after evening nap
03 – Tue –  16.   68.2 = 90 – no energy from morning, felt bad – swollen glands etc.
04 – Wed – 17.   67 – 89 – swim, more energy, Tesco
05 – Thu – 18, 66.6 – 89 – some energy
06 – Fri – 19, 66.2 – 89 – some energy
07 – Sat – 20, 65.6 – 89 – morning energy, afternoon not
08 – Sun – 21, 65.2 – 88 – club for swim, medium energy
09 – Mon – 22, 64.8 – 88 – energy OK. Made small juice because I felt like it – body wanted nutrition?
10 – Tue – 23, 64.8 = 87 – swim, plenty of energy. Still not missing eating so much.

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