Gurney Plaza Starbucks new WiFi policy

In Starbucks, Gurney Plaza before you could simply connect to their WiFi with any number of devices.  Sometimes the speed was just fine, often it was slow, and sometimes almost impossible to use.

Anyway, I found out today they have a new procedure.  On your receipt is a WiFi code which enables you to connect one device for up to two hours.  If you log off one device you can use the code for another device.

So, it now takes even longer to get connected, as first you turn on the WiFi on your device, then connect to Starbucks, then open a web browser, wait for 20 seconds while it counts down, and then put in the code and wait again.  For me it took about one more minute than before.  But the network seemed faster, as possibly there were fewer users.

I am usually there less than two hours, so this works out fine for me, except for the longer connecting time.

But there is a problem.

To pay for your Starbucks coffee you can use the Starbucks app on your mobile.  So you need an Internet connection for the app to connect with the cash register to pay.  But you don’t get the code for the Internet until you receive the printed receipt. And you won’t get the receipt until you have paid.  But you can’t pay as the Starbucks app needs the Internet connection. Which you won’t get until you have paid. etc.

Unless, of course, this app works on a specific port, which is the only port enabled without putting in the WiFi code. I am going to have to test this.


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