AES – killer cameras cash collection compromised – 2014 update


I noticed this article in the paper last week:

The gist of the article is:
-RM700million was spent for 831 AES cameras
-To date, only 14 AES cameras were fixed at 14 locations
-1,492,084 AES summonses issued since 23.9.2012
-1,298,015 summonses have not been paid so far


I don’t blog about politics in Malaysia.

But now the federal government is introducing speed and traffic light cameras. This affects me directly, as it makes driving more dangerous for me. As I result I am kind of following the news on it, but rather than commenting, I will just give links after the headlines or brief extracts on online articles. It’s quite an interesting saga, so far.

  • Firstly, the cameras were bought by the government at about ten times the market price:

“831 AES Cameras: RM200k More For Each Camera Due To Training, Says Govt”

“Explain why speed cameras cost more than in the US, minister told”

  • Secondly, people don’t want them, but have had no say in the matter. Is vandalising the cameras the only way they can get their say?

“Third AES camera vandalised” –

“Four AES cameras vandalised in Perak” –

  • Thirdly, perhaps they want to expand the court system by involving more of the population in court cases.

“The Kuala Lumpur magistrate’s court was crowded yesterday with more than 1,400 motorists who were issued AES summonses ordered to be present in court…”

  • Fourth: perhaps the Road Transport Department is acting illegally issuing summonses for AES “offenders”, anyway.

“Summonses issued under the Automated Enforcement System (AES) are invalid and Road Transport Department (RTD) officers do not have the power to issue summonses, or even charge the alleged offenders in court, PAS says.” –

  • Fifth: Penang is controlled by an oppostion coalition, and its Chief Minister, Mr Lim, says Penang won’t be installing AES cameras here.

Lim: No AES in Penang yet –

  • Sixth: It appears you can put any number plates on your car anyway, so even if a camera catches you for something, it doesn’t matter, if you have done this.


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