A quiet day in the life of a retiree in Penang

I write occasionally about what I did on a day – no day is typical – but to give an idea of living here in Penang.  Last time I wrote such a blog is quite a while ago.

7.20 – Woke up naturally, did a bit of meditation and Reiki, and a little German study on the computer.

8.10 – Went back to bed and dozed again while listening to a podcast – about plants.

9.00 – Got up again and did a bit of pruning of the passion fruit and pumpkin vines. Collected about 10 passion fruit that are ripening.  Squirrels attack a ripe passion fruit about once every three of four days.  If they do I leave the partially eaten fruit on the ground, and they have some more of that fruit next time if they come, rather than attacking more fruit. Probably because it is quite hard to get through the skin, and once one is opened it’s easier to eat it.  Swept the floor etc.

picked a lot of passion fruit today

picked a lot of passion fruit today

10.00 Put the washing on. Did some German study and briefly checked my email.

11.00 Made coffee and drank that looking at Internet.

11.30 Put washing out and collected a couple more ripening passion fruit.

12.00 Shower, started next load of washing and did a bit more German study.

12.40 Had some mango, passion fruit and cream.  Then decided to write up this blog and started typing.

1.30 – Repotted a mock orange seedling to a larger pot.  Pottered around in garden.

repotted from this small pot...

repotted from this small pot…

to this larger pot

to this larger pot

2.00 – put out the next load of washing, and brought in the clothes that had dried.  I like putting out washing.  I take my t-shirt off and get lots of sunshine on my body, and I enjoy being in the garden with the greenery.  And I listen to podcasts at the same time.

a great drying day

a great drying day

2.30 Considered washing the car – but if I do it may rain on the washing. So, I sit in a spot with a garden view, reading an e-book.

garden view

garden view

4.00 Time for some cheese and biscuits

4.15 Brought out world map and considered potential trips

4.30 Collected remaining washing and picked five more passion fruit.

5.00 Thought I really should wash the car

5.45 Shower and read some more

7.00 Made some dinner – Spanish omelette and salad – relaxed and watched a film.  Totally forgot that I should be attending a meeting at the club, and just stayed home all night.




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