Maxis and changing terms and conditions

My understanding of the way a contract should be is that both / all parties agree to something, and unless they renegotiate and come to a mutual agreement, then the terms remain the same.

However, when a company is large and has a monopoly or is one of a small number of suppliers to individual consumers, they seem to have as part of their terms and conditions that they can change these conditions if they want to.  Making the contract fairly worthless as any protection for the consumer. Pretty much the same as a government (which are all corporations anyway), they just dictate their conditions.  The contract only really protects the supplier.

Maxis, the mobile phone network company,  has just sent me a text, to which rudely I cannot reply, to tell me they are now adding an extra charge.  They have not asked for my agreement or even understanding.

I will now be looking for a new supplier.

As numbers are portable it is just a bit more trouble. And I do not find Maxis particularly good.  Their signal strength seems to have deteriorated over the years, and their service markedly so. It can take five hours for a text to arrive from downstairs to upstairs in my house – from my wife to me – on their own network. Similar with phone calls.  Most of their shop fronts are not useful, with the exception of their Menara branch.  So this latest outrage is the prompting to see if there are better deals for us.

And it puts the kibosh on any idea of using their fibre network for the Internet, which I had been considering – if they are so cavalier at changing contract terms it is just too scary.




  1. usually they change the tariff if your contract ends. but in this case it looks like they have changed it while u are still under contract. will u get a penalty if u move before the contract ends or is there a clause which says they will give u notice of any changes and u are free to move at no cost to yourself?

    1. I believe I can move at no cost because I have been using them for years – for the normal reason that I haven’t bothered to compare with any other offers. I supplied my own phones and just use their SIMs.

      First I will check with the only Maxis office I know where the staff know their stuff, on changing carriers and number portability, then I will find a better deal, and then start the procedure.

      Today I was listening to a podcast where the speaker was saying, in a different context but it still applies, that the only vote that counts is either with your feet or with your money. In this case it amounts to the same thing.

      I really should make more effort and do it more.

  2. it seems to me they all cost about the same, so if this extra cost is for a service u dont use, it might not be worth leaving them. btw, why do your wife sent u a sms when she can just call you on the phone? both methods are free since you are on the same network, aren’t they?

    1. You are quite possibly right. I just hate getting pushed around by corporations.

      Yes, sms and calls are free – it depends on what she feels like doing. She also sometimes yells out to me from the bottom of the stairs.

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