Penang Hop-On Hop- Off open top Double Decker Bus



Now that tickets are not free every time I have seen the bus it has passengers, but is not crowded.

on Gurney Drive

on Gurney Drive

on Gurney Drive

on Gurney Drive

on Gurney Drive

on Gurney Drive



We tried to catch the bus, waiting at the stop outside Gurney Plaza from 9.15AM.

the bus was already full

the bus was already full

There was a big crowd there already, and when the bus came, it was already full.

DSCN0545 (Copy)So no one could get on anyway.  It looks like one needs to board at the terminus, or there is no chance to get on.

The normal public buses – Rapid Penang – were empty.


The official launch was this afternoon, perfectly organised to be at the same time that it usually rains. And guess what, it rained.

open top double decker

open top double-decker

It is free for the first week – to November 23rd, I believe,

We’ll give it a try sometime, but for the moment, here is their website:

or another article here:



  1. hope u will go to the official launch to find out more. the website is not upto date. i wonder how much the ticket costs? they allready have this hoponoff in kl. tourists will prefer this rather than rely on the local bus services. i bet it wont be cheap but it is convenient and if it is really 30mins between buses, it might be worth it.

  2. their kl prices are RM45. here in uk we have these hoponhopoffs too, it costs £23. but in london the bus service is so good there is no need to use them though since they are still running it must make a profit from tourists. maybe the tourists like the open top.
    a daily capped bus rate in london is £4.40 valid all day and night and into the early morning next day. maybe penang buses are not so often nor easy to use.
    open topped must be a disadvantage in the tropics… it will be too hot if sunny, and too wet if rainy to be of use.

    1. I find that such a service only works if you spend very little time at each stop where you alight. I have caught them in various cities, but in a whole day only manage to ride the bus aboout four times.

      The back half of the top deck is also covered, so one can shelter from the sun and rain. Open top cars are not popular here with locals, but tourists walk, cycle and presumably ride on top in the sun when locals wouldn’t. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. The Penang hop on hop off service is unprofessional and slow. As a paying customer I was extremely disappointed and would not recommend it to anyone.

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