Avoiding genetically modified “food”

Basically, now I not only have to read the labels of anything packaged, be suspicious and untrusting, and also check online.  And anything at all from the US is best avoided. You can now skip the rest of this article.


I mostly don’t eat anything that comes from packets, avoid anything from the US as it may have (unlabelled)  or be GM and/or have been irradiated; and from China as they do weird and unhealthy things to produce cheaply.

If you don’t know why GM “food” is bad for you, look into the long-term studies.  The companies that produce GMO’s do very short-term studies that are over before the damage is shown in the results.  All the propaganda is based on these.  Scientists and doctors who release information contrary to the corporate / government / media message are usually pilloried.  The same story as for vaccines, global warming etc.

Anyway, life is too boring if you totally forbid yourself what you’d really like to eat, so every few months or so I buy a packet of corn chips (for example) – but only after carefully reading the packet, ensuring I avoid the above, and MSG and other weird and debilitating chemicals.  Most US corn is GM, so I am very wary if a product is made by a US company.

A couple of months ago I bought Mission Tortilla chips.

Because they don't label GM products in the US the easiest is just to avoid them - but superficially this isn't from the US

Because they don’t label GM products in the US the easiest is just to avoid all US products – but superficially this isn’t from the US

There is no GM labelling, and it’s labelled halal, so in the end I thought it would be OK.

Halal - I thought that meant GM-free, but it doesn't

Halal – I thought that meant GM-free, but it doesn’t

But after eating them my wife, who is more sensitive than me, felt unwell. Later checking online it turns out they are GM. I read also below of a court case against this company, which claims its products are natural – even though they are GM.  I disposed of the other packet I bought.


My wife then recalled that she also felt unwell after eating Mission wraps that I used to use to make home-made pizza.  Probably also GM.  Is it GM or trans fats that are affecting her? I don’t know.

So I guess this means when I shop for something I will only rarely buy as a treat and that comes in a packet, after checking the label I have to check online or contact them.

So, my flow chart is as follows:  Not a US or Chinese product, no obvious GM components, no MSG – which is often hidden in other compounds, so none of these either, nothing that sounds weird.  Then check online.  There are guides to avoiding GMO’s – the ones I have seen are US-based – but then the US is the most dangerous country.  It’s a lot of trouble.

A long-term diet high in GM has been shown to cause very nasty symptoms – sterility, early death.  These results are from studies with rats. But, what if you have GM just once?  Will your body recover?  What if you have had a lot of GM and then give it up? etc. etc.  I guess we don’t yet have the answers.



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