Travel planning and a new rail travel forum

Just a quick note to mention there is a new rail travel forum.  It’s just been started, so there is not much yet, but it aims to cover rail travel worldwide:

When planning any trip involving rail I check, of course, Seat 61 and the relevant railway company websites. Now I can also use this new forum.

And for general travel planning I also check:

  • A guidebook I can get my hands on free – e.g. at the library – Rough Guides, Lonely Planet etc.
  • Wikitravel
  • Trip Advisor
  • Websites of relevant countries if visas are an issue
  • Airlines
  • Couchsurfing to see if there is anyone interesting to meet
  • any relevant blog sites I can find
  • and sometimes Agoda or etc. or hotel sites directly
  • Sometimes I also check Wikipedia for homicide rates and road accident rates to see if a country should be avoided or needs extra precautions. Wikipedia is so politically slanted I don’t generally trust it, but for these details is probably OK.

But I am not too much into planning, and don’t feel the need to see everything when I travel.  I prefer to chat to locals (thus couchsurfing), and sit around with a coffee or beer and watch what’s happening.  And then just wander around.

If I am going somewhere familiar or easy – like western Europe – I hardly feel the need to plan at all until I am there at a coffee shop, and then I might fire up a browser or peruse brochures picked up at a tourist bureau.  Sure, if I arrive at night I will possibly have accommodation already sorted, but otherwise I prefer the relaxed, spontaneous approach. And I travel very light, so I can carry my luggage all day if it’s easier that way.

If I have got it all wrong, or have missed anything, please let me know.




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