My mobile (UK), cell phone (US), Handphone (Malaysia), 携帯 (日本), Handy (De)

Like everywhere else it seems, mobile phones are hugely popular in Malaysia.  You see families of parents and children of whatever age, sitting in restaurants and the whole family is staring at their own individual mobile phone screen, and not communicating with each other.  I really try not to do that.

Before I had a smartphone I had a Windows phone – basically the same but with a Windows operating system. Smartphones back then were defined as those with other than Windows operating systems, e.g. Nokia (with a Symbian operating system), Blackberries etc. and Nokias were what I had before the Windows phones.  You got very slow and hard to navigate Internet back around early 2000’s.

Before that I had PDA’s which I connected by Bluetooth to a GSM (2G) phone which functioned as a modem, and thus I could get the Internet, if Bluetooth worked. Sometimes Bluetooth worked.  Or I could use WiFi for Internet directly on the PDA.  That was around 2002.

And before that the phone was analogue and not useful for Internet.  Just useful for calling – it was just a phone. ( I noticed back then that urban driving and talking on the phone was distracting, although legal at the time, and so not a great idea.  On long distance motorway drives, however,  it kept you awake and alert, and was useful. )

I notice that now the phone function is one of the least important for me. It is way down on the list of what I use the mobile for. So what this blog is really about is my favourite apps on my Android phone at the moment, and where the telephone function appears in order of use.  All are free, except for the first.

  1. Pocket Casts – the only paid for app I have,  is great for podcasts, and I usually listen to several podcasts a day.  It automatically downloads my podcasts and deletes them after I have heard them, and has quite a few useful tricks.
  2. Ankidroid – is a SRS (Spaced Repetition System) app for studying – in my case German vocabulary – which I use in conjuction and sync with my computer, as it is easier to add data with a normal keyboard than on the mobile.
  3. Dict CC – is a dictionary app I have on my mobile and I have downloaded the German and Spanish dictionaries, so there is no need to be online to use it.
  4. Facebook – this app is faster on my mobile than my PC.
  5. Camera – partly because my compact camera recently died I use the mobile camera a lot. Once it’s connected with Wi-Fi it automatically uploads to Dropbox and then downloads onto my PC, so it’s very handy for photos to upload to the Internet, but for higher quality photos I will have to get another camera.
  6. Email – for some functions this works better than the app on my PC
  7. Text app
  8. Phone – comes about 8th in order of use
  9. ES File Explorer – for moving files around on the mobile and on my home network this is great
  10. Airdroid – kind of the complement to ES File Explorer – for manipulating the mobile using the PC
  11. Evernote –  It didn’t quite make my Top Ten, but it deserves an Honourable Mention – I use it much more on the PC than the mobile, but when out I can check it for details.

These apps are the Top 10 for everyday life, but when travelling it would be a different list…

And what other app could I really use – how about a mosquito repelling app?


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