Happy New Year

Well, perhaps the rainy season is over.  We’re having beautiful cooler sunny days, after about three months and a half of rain.

Durian ice cream cones at Gurney Paragon Mall (basement) are up 33% in price as of 1/1/2015 – but you get no more ice cream than before.  RM3 to RM4.

cone prices are up

cone prices are up

And the TM Internet seems to be getting slower and slower.  Asia does wireless fairly well, but fixed line Internet doesn’t seem to be progressing here.  It’s been the same (theoretical) speed and same price for many years.  Unless you get fibre – which  often has caps on usage, so works out much more expensive, and not such a great speed either.  In the West, speeds are often 10 times faster for a lower price.

So I click a link to load a page – and I get a “page not found” page – and I have to refresh to get the page.  This happens for about half my pages now. The speed test page did the same, and on refreshing only partially came up, but won’t run. And I can’t even load a photo into this page at the moment as you may be able to see above – unless I succeed later. I used to download podcasts in less than 5 minutes each – now it usually takes over 30 minutes. And that is one at a time – I used to be able to download several at a time, quickly. I did work this all out in Megabytes, kilobits per second etc., but I won’t bore you.

Otherwise, a couple of grasshoppers are laying waste to some plants, but squirrels and birds are too busy with the ripe mangos on the tree across the road to attack my passion fruit.

But it’s the best weather all year, washing dries quickly, yellow oreole birds are flitting around outside in the mango tree, and my passion fruit are relatively safe for the moment.




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