More and more condos in Penang – but it’s not all bad

For as long as I have been here new condominiums have been continually constructed.

This can be both good and bad.

Firstly, jungle may be cleared and the environment damaged. Clearing trees means water will run off instead of being absorbed into the environment, and can lead to floods. New condos often block nice views residents of other condos had. Never believe your view is sacrosanct – even if directly on the ocean, as the sea could be reclaimed in front and built on.

During construction the roads are damaged and more congested by heavy lorries, there is vibration that damages nearby buildings, illegal workers may have malaria and dengue which can spread by mosquitos to others living nearby, there is dust, some dropped debris, runoff into the sea, and sometimes noise…

After construction there is a higher population density, so more traffic, and while one apartment may have a parking space, many families have two or more cars, so the nearby streets are parked out… many of the more expensive apartments are purchased by people who use them as investments or as holiday flats, and are empty most of the time, so the effects of more residents is not as pronounced as you might think.

However, although the roads are not improved, at least the drainage is, as otherwise there would be floods. The nearby area is often cleaned up and modernised. And tall buildings shade some of the neighbouring land – especially this time of year when the sun is lower in the sky. I get a half hour of shade in the middle of the day for a couple of months.  And why is this better than say early morning, or evening?  Because at those times mosquitos are around, but in the middle of the day they are not, and yet it is cool in the condo-shade.

soon I will have half an hour of pleasant shade

soon I will have half an hour of pleasant shade as the condo blocks the sun

I enjoy this shade during this period of the year.


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