tablet revival

My tablet is back!  As in back from the dead.  Hooray!! It had slowed to a crawl, and thus was virtually unusable.  But by doing a factory reset and only installing the programs I really want on it, it’s back in business.

Bought back in October 2011 it worked fine. I just installed any interesting programs on it, and kept them updated.  But the programs became more and more demanding on the hardware over time, until I put the tablet away having consigned it to history.

But mainly I like it for reading, so after the factory reset, with no additional programs, it was quite nippy.  I have just put a couple of ebook programs on – Cool Reader and the Kindle app; Daily Mail app; Dolphin Browser; Facebook; Youtube, KM Player and MX Player to cover video; and for my study Dict CC and AnkiDroid.  That’s it.  And if it gets slower, the video programs could go.

Now I just have to be disiplined and not install any more apps, and put it back on its death bed again.


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