unfinished blogs – no. 12 – I survived without Windows for over a month – so wonder what operating system I should have on my next PC.

I’ve been writing this blog for three years this month, and have accumulated many partially written blogs that remain unpublished. I may as well just publish them as is, and if I ever feel inspired to finish any, do so later.


October 12th, 2013

Having learnt of the evil that Bill Gates perpetrates, having learnt how Microsoft built in a back door allowing the US government to spy on us using Windows, having learnt how Bill Gates got (took from others) the idea from Windows in the first place and was backed by his family’s contacts and not for his ideas – but denounces anyone else doing the same (he calls it piracy if others do what he did) – who wouldn’t want to move to another platform.

But I had a Windows phone, and a Windows PC.  For years. They synchronised with each other so data was safe. Contacts, emails etc. Sure, synchronising often didn’t go smoothly, or even work at all, but sometimes it did.

But Windows phones lost the plot.  Plus the most useful app, Outlook, suddenly became very expensive. It wasn’t included in the basic Office program you could buy.

Apple has their own back doors for the US government, exploits people in China we are told, is proprietary and expensive.  Android comes along and looks better.  Not that Google is perfect – not sure about their Israel connections – which Microsoft also seems to have.  But their operating system is free, and is frequently updated, and easy to use.

So end up with an Android phone and an Android tablet.  I have been away for almost two months and haven’t touched Windows.  And survived.  It just stores my old emails in Outlook, and some Office files.  That is about all.  Windows 8 is certainly nothing magnificent – I bought it when it came out, and am still unimpressed.  If the latest version is a free upgrade I guess I will get it. But on my old PC – it’s seventh birthday will be coming up in the new year.

For years I have been playing with Ubuntu – but some things are still difficult to do.  I remember entering obscure commands to the system when managing a call centre’s Linux / Unix system.  And although they say Ubuntu or Linux is undemanding on computer resources, it is still too demanding for a netbook I installed it on.  I feel you still need a reasonable specification of PC for Linux.

So, for a new computer, what are my choices?  Windows 8 1/2 or whatever, Apple Mac, some flavour of Linux – but only available on a limited number of PC’s;  or buy one and install on it what I wish.  The problem being the availability of drivers and the difficulty installing them.


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