unfinished blogs – no. 13 – the Future if you let it

I’ve been writing this blog for three years this month, and have accumulated many partially written blogs that remain unpublished. I may as well just publish them as is, and if I ever feel inspired to finish any, do so later.


February 18th, 2014

You’ll be replaced by a robot. If you continue to allow the world’s resources to be distributed by governments and the idea of a job – well, you’ll starve.

The government’s enforcement arm, the police, will become ever more brutal and unaccountable – and so clueless they won’t realise that ultimately they too are expendable.

Your pension will be nationalised “for fairness” and you’ll get the same as everyone else – no matter how much you sacrificed to get a comfortable retirement

Money will be electronic and issued by an international body – and you will only be able to use it with an chip implanted in you.  If you voice any opposition to the world government or any other “authority” then your bank accounts will be frozen or wiped, and you will be unable to buy (or sell) anything.

You will have to pay to live – for shelter, food, water and air

Distribution of the world’s wealth by working is no longer fair or effective.  See http://www.mondopolitico.com/library/socialcredit/socialcredit.htm

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