Three years, 600 blogs – and what have I got? Lots of statistics…

In the three years this month that I have been blogging, I have written just over 600 blogs.  And in the last few days I published a few incomplete drafts that may have been of interest, and deleted a great many more. Now my Drafts folder is gloriously empty.

Last year I read:

and I figure it’s about time I got around to this topic myself.

The aim of the blog largely was to write about topics to make it easier for others living in Penang / Malaysia, or those travelling here.  With blogs of other travels I do thrown in.

If other bloggers have covered a topic and I have nothing unique to say, then I don’t bother to write anything, as there is no point.  A great many bloggers in Penang write solely on food, so I don’t so much.

The most popular posts I have written are on travelling to or visiting Langkawi, of which I have written several, the most viewed being  this.    Next are blogs on train travel in Malaysia, for example.  Other top posts are on learning to drive in Penang, and on the cost of living in Penang. And a blog on a restaurant I visited a couple of years ago in Queensbay Mall.  The restaurant is still there, is hopefully still good, but I haven’t eaten there in a while.

The Perhentian Islands are my favourite destination here, but not so many people want to read my blogs about them.

I attempt to update some blogs where I think this is important, and put a link in the old blog, but nevertheless the  old blogs still seem more popular.

Most viewers by far are from Malaysia, with the second place varying widely depending on the day, but more or less tied between the US, Australia and Singapore, with the UK in fifth place, and from 159 countries in total. But let’s just say that in Mali and Rwanda, inter-alia, I keep a very low profile. Only one view each.

I mostly don’t write anything controversial, so almost no one writes any nasty comments.  However, the automatic filter does a good job at keeping out the automatically generated replies. They are usually along the lines of how wonderful I write, and that perhaps I would like to visit their online portal selling whatever…

The most popular searches are for the aforementioned restaurant, for another nearby restaurant, for train trips and for other transport in Malaysia.

The average number of views per day is about 350 at the moment, the highest ever being 879 one day.  And all time views as I write is 225,000.


    1. Yes, it was interesting. Thanks for the inspiration.

      After hearing the recent US announcement about Cuba I thought I really should get there before it changes too much. So I enjoyed your Cuba post.

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